What is Romanianexperiences.com?
Romanianexperiences.com is a platform which allows you to create bookable experiences in Romania that travelers around the world can buy online, from guided tours to ski lessons—and everything in between. Suppliers who sell their services and products through us are small, family businesses which offer another kind of tourism, the one you cannot find throughout classical agencies.
How do you guarantee your services for clients? Is there any risk I am taking by booking through you?
We are in permanent touch with our partners and we are making sure that they have received all the necessary accreditations and authorizations before starting to work with them. Moreover, taking into consideration that we work with small businesses only, their work is their life and their life is their work. They cannot afford to lose clients or get bad reviews, as they will have nothing left to do for a living.
What is our refund policy?
We can refund the entire advance payment for a 48 hours cancellation before the arriving day and we can refund 50% of the amount for a 24 hours cancellation before the arriving day. In both situations, the cancellation reason must be justified.
Which are the booking steps, what should I do?
Who can be Partener?
Anyone can, but we encourage small tailor-made authorized persons in order to promote non commercially part of Romania. You just need to be aged 18 or over and comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the domain you operate.
How do I get paid, as Partener?
You can be paid weekly via Stripe and PayPal or monthly into your bank account via direct transfer.
I already have a business listing on another platforms – why should I register here, too?
With another platform listing, travelers can find and review your business. But with a Romanianexperiences.com account, you can create bookable experiences that travelers can actually purchase online. If you already have a business listing, it’s much quicker to create an account as we already have most of your information. Plus, any products you create will be shown on your existing listing. Also, our platform will be highly promoted (and this including your business), as our main target is growing the Romanian tourism.

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